The Beginner Piano Lessons for Kids Book with Online Video & Audio Access was designed to help the absolute beginning student learn to play the piano or keyboard. This step by step course is designed for very young beginners and quickly teaches the student to play songs they will know. These lessons start by playing with just the right hand and gradually build to adding the left hand thumb and learning how to play with both hands. Song arrangements were carefully selected to provide an easy transition from learning the basics to covering more interesting rhythms, techniques, and musical ideas. The book features standard music notation for each song and exercise along with fingering notation and hand shifts to make the course easier to learn. This method includes online access to over an hour of video instruction that will help the child play with proper form and timing. The video shows the piano, both hands, and the sheet music on-screen at the same time. The audio tracks allow the student to practice and play along with easy songs at two speeds. The slower speed features just the piano playing the song. The faster version includes vocals and other instruments in a performance-like setting. The combination of book, video, and audio make this the easiest to understand piano course for kids available.

Age 6+
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Piano Basics 1 (Beginner to Pre-Grade Level 1) and Piano Basics 2 (Pre-Grade Level 1 to Grade 1 ) takes students on their first steps to becoming a pianist and well-rounded musician. This unique method provides the building blocks to develop a sound technique in an imaginative and practical way, whilst also establishing essential theory and general musical knowledge. Packed with plenty of toetapping, irresistible pieces, there's no better way to learn the piano! - Warm-ups, fun exercises and great tunes throughout: from jazzy pieces plus well-known tunes. - Theory quizzes and fact files help to develop a broad knowledge of music. The accompanying CD contains complete performances and imaginative backing tracks to play along with. A host of online supporting resources is available to download from www.fabermusic.com/pianobasics. Piano Basics Workouts reinforces new notes and techniques, these fun warm-ups and technical exercises are an ideal start to any practice session. Fun warm-ups and technical exercises to get fingers working: pick one or two exercises each week to play every day at the start of practice. Essential technical development for all early-grade pianists, strengthening hands and improving finger flexibility and co-ordination. Consolidates new notes and techniques learnt in Piano Basics 1 (Step 7 onwards) and Piano Basics 2. Hints and tips are included throughout to develop valuable musicianship skills. Also ideal for sight-reading practice.

Age 7+
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Graded Examinations:
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Scales, Sight-Reading and Aural Training:
(For use as preparation for graded examinations)
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