Pianos can be very costly - in the region of £2000 for a new upright acoustic and £700 for a high quality digital. However, there are some very reasonably priced starter instuments available. To get students through their first 5+ years of music studies, we need something with 88 weighted keys, touch responsive keys and a good quality tone. Many students also require something compact for their homes.

BEGINNER PIANOS (5 year minimum longevity)

SDP-2 PIANO (includes stand, stool, pedal & headphones - slimline) £250

DP-6 PIANO (includes stand & pedal) £300

DP-6 PIANO (includes stand, stool, pedal & headphones) £320

YAMAHA NP12 (piano only - will require a stand) £166

This is a keyboard with 61 full size touch sensitive keys and a good sound. Beware of some keyboards on the market, as there are many without good quality sounds and unrealistic to play. A keyboard is okay as a starting point for new pianists and will suffice for 12-18 months. After this, students will require something like the above with weighted keys to help build finger stength and of course, a full size piano keyboard.

ADVANCED DIGITAL PIANO (10 year minimum longevity)

YAMAHA YDP S34 (includes stand, high quality stool & headphones) £735

High quality sound and overall finish. Fixed pedals on the cabinet (as with an acoustic piano). Fixed stand includes lid and music rest. This would take a pianist into the upper grades or be the next step up if you didn't have the budget or space for an acoustic.


There are many old pianos being given away or sold at a very low price. Please seek advice from your piano tutor. You want something that is going to sound pleasant, feel nice to play and be tuneable. A piano costs in the region of £60 to tune and should be undertaken every 6-12 months by a qualified piano technician. Also consider removal costs in the region of £250. There are many good secondhand pianos out there but you would want it to date back to no earlier than the 1970's, have been tuned regularly and be in good working order! Find something good and it could last a lifetime!


Again, please seek advice from your piano teacher. You want something with no faults and not too old!


1/2 Size (Y1-3) £24

3/4 Size (Y3-6) £33


Buffet 100 Series £615 (alto saxophone, case & accessories)

Saxophones are available to hire HERE £16 p/m