Progressive Guitar Method for Young Beginners Book 1 - ORDER

How to hold the guitar and correct posture.
Contains tunes involving five notes (G, A, B, C, and D) and four simplified chord shapes (G, D7, C and G7). It introduces the student to 4/4 and 3/4 time, playing both melodies and simplified chords with suggested strumming patterns. It also incorporates crotchets (quarter notes), minims (half notes) and semibreves (whole notes) and their equivalent rests. The student is taught how to read music, and introduced to such basic terms as bar lines, repeat signs and lead-in notes.

Progressive Guitar Method for Young Beginners Book 2 - ORDER
Introduces five new notes (E, F, G, D, and F#) and five simplified chord shapes (G, D7, C, G7, and D). It contains very easy arrangements and introduces the student to quavers (eighth notes), eighth note strum patterns and dotted crotchet/quarter notes.

Progressive Guitar Method for Young Beginners Book 3 - ORDER
Continues on from Method Book 2. Method Book 3 extends the range to cover all the natural notes on all six strings in the open position and introduces Bb and another F# note. The C major scale is also explained. The book contains very easy arrangements of over 20 songs, using 6 simplified chord shapes (G, D7, C, G7, D and a new chord, F).

My First Guitar (Ben Parker)
Guitar - An Absolute Guide For Beginners Level 1 (Ben Parker)
Easy Guitar Tunes (Ben Parker)

Building on Musical Knowledge, Performing Skills and introducing Tablature:

RMA Guitar Book - contains a range of peices of grade 1-3 standard, scales and arpeggios, guitar riffs, essential chords and strumming patterns.

PERFORMANCE AWARDS Levels 1 - 3: Provided and assessed via RMA.

Guitar Theory:
Alfred’s Basic Guitar Theory Books 1 and 2 - ORDER

Supplementary Song/Tune Books:
A range of song/tune books will be used to build on the students’ repertoire, performing skills and knowledge of musical genres/styles.